Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Property Developers Sotogrande Spain

Do you want to sell your property I find it amazing that property developers in Spain are so inactive when it comes to making an effort to promote their own product. In a time of crisis when the property market is on its knees what are these Developers doing ? They simply seem to believe that sitting at a desk waiting for emails from website inquiries is the way forward. Maybe their backers are simply very patient people. Yet here I am an agency in Sotogrande´s stunning port with ground floor offices overlooking the Torreguadiaro beach who has not seen or heard from a developer or representative of a developer in over 18 months.Surely these people should be out and about making sure that agents have fresh supplies of brochures,plans and more importantly some fresh professional photographs to promote the development. Also just chatting with agents may provide them with an insight Instead we are faced with showing apartments and villas that are dusty often with debris from when they were built years ago and many smell musky. We seem to be in a climate where a request for professional photographs is met with a "sorry take your own pics or call in and collect marketing info from us" Who is in charge of these Companies surely there should be a well trodden path from agency to agency reminding us of the best deals,changes in prices or advising of another sold. These are basic principles for a property promoter Instead here in Sotogrande there is silence and this theme has been echoed by a number of local agents.