Monday, September 10, 2012

Holiday home with a boat berth

Home & Berth
What can be better than having a holiday home with a berth outside your window? Here in Sotogrande the marina is a development is the ideal place for boating enthusiasts to keep yachts,powerboats,sports boats even jetskis berthed right outside your home. The entire port and marina has been designed with boating in mind. Yet for those that do not like boats cafes bars restaurants as well as tennis,golf and equestrian centres are all within 5 minutes drive.This year i have been out boating a dozen times and have enjoyed seeing dolphins,turtles,sunfish and pilot whales particularly off the straits of Gibraltar which in itself is a fascinating destination by boat. Where once a waterside apartment could set you back 450,000 euros plus the crisis has seen some apartments drop to 250,000 euros and berths that were once 70,000 now selling for 40,000

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