Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food food and more food

A change of subject for Tailor Made.

I have in the last 2 years provided many different write ups and I hope informative articles regarding the property market in Sotogrande. Its time to steer away from the bleeding obvious and concentrate on lifestyle and fun. After all that is why most of us come here. Whilst the crisis isn’t that much fun for anyone we all may like to share in lighter moments and for this reason a change of subject by your local agent is long over due.

First a run down of familiar names and places and over the next few months I will look to write about my experiences at eating out

My favourite subject is food and I find myself often contacted by friends asking if I have tried this or that restaurant invariably the answer is "Yes" and it seems I am the check before you try target

Sotogrande has struggled with consistency in its culinary offerings for some time now and often its a case of the chef has left or the trade is so poor that the ingredients are no longer as good as they were.

Restaurateurs rarely see table strewn with empty champagne bottles & cigars after 200€ a head meals, it seems even the traders have stopped this age old practice.
There has been a run of restaurants opening and then closing a testament to that has been Sotovillas at one point there was Japanese, an Italian (Transylvania) An Argentinean (Estribo) and what I thought was the ever popular American Diner. There was then a run of closures until recently when the rot at Sotovillas was halted by the arrival in Sotovillas of Salsa and Mara. Mara a Spanish sea food restaurant & tapas is a theme that I have long waited to arrive locally. I Have yet to test Salsa but am told South African vein runs thru its flavours
Into the Pueblo Nuevo we find Reflexions with a chef of Michelin Star status offering fantastic breakfast lunches and increasingly popular Friday night Gourmet menus. Now to be challenged by a French chef also of Michelin star background who has opened a very trendy looking La Boca in the port. Both Reflexions & La Boca offering the best Dining experience in the area at a cost although maybe some of the artistic flare in cooking is not everyone’s taste.

Whilst in the Port Mytilus has expanded and I am told rejuvenated its menu with some good reports. The Hairy Lemon is our first gastro pub and a local of mine for lunch and a very good lunch it is too. Particularly the great value menu del dia. However as soon as one cuts the cost with a menu del dia another has to cut costs as well and within days La Taberna de Sotogrande (also in the Port) a very Spanish flavour has produced a set lunch menu but whilst I enjoy its cuisine and tapas my wife finds it too Spanish for her palate.

Then there are the old favourites particularly for those who have lived here for years. Names such as Gaucho, La Reunion and Lombardos come to mind established eateries with regular clientele and of course the ever famous and busy Ke who I am told serve 1000 meals a day in the height of summer.

There is also the honey trap of eating in Los Canos too much wine and Moorea lures you in and who can risk the recovery time. Most of us will at some point get sucked into a heavy night and enjoy it but at the same time regret the foolhardiness then pick the bones out of the experience a few days later at the golf club or tennis club.

What’s the Chinese like in the port I have never been yet you don’t here anything about it but its still there. Despite the high price I miss the Thai that was in the port but cannot remember its name. Little Buddha is an alternative but I do like the Thai on the beach at Laguna village.

We all love a piece of home and what Brit can refuse a trip to Duquesa for Marlow fish & Chips or even more British maybe our local Indian the ivory or try the Indian on the beach at Sabanillas. I find the Indians here aren’t as good as my favourites in the UK but hey we are not in the UK

Whilst I do not claim to be a food expert I do love sharing my experiences and trying new venues and experimenting with food. Wines are a complex subject and finding good value fine wines is a favourite past time for me. Although I do prefer to enjoy a couple of glasses of really good expensive wine rather than get a cheap bottle that is palatable. Having said that once the subject at an eatery turns to trying good wines the results can be lethal when you get to the point of no return

Anyway off to the Chinese tonight modern building on left just before Duquesa. Third time there but this time will make sure i get the name of it. Will let you know how I get on

bye for now

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