Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Property Developers in Spain

Property Developers back in the UK i was constantly visited by representatives of property developers looking to promote their development through local agents. An agent in UK normally expects to see a developer weekly or if not at least monthly. The reps come in provide new material , fresh pictures and work on new advertising promotions with agents. Show days are arranged and many other promotions. So why is it so different in Spain. Have people forgotten how to sell property? Maybe its been too easy in the past?

This week i sent a message to 8 local developers who I know are desperate to sell the property in their development. The message asked for new photos to refresh the look of their development on the website.

One responded telling me to get my own photos the others did not reply. These companies are ghosts sitting in their show homes expecting the whole world to come to them. In this market it does not happen

Come on Spanish property developers where are your initiatives, ideas and drive

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  1. Hi francis,

    we have just launched 101 lilliput road and sold 6 of the ten flats and now completed 6 flat sales at Panorama development in the past 2 months all of which could not of been possible with out the support of the property developer,

    Do nothing and then you will achieve nothing and if those developers out there in spain cant professionaly review there portfolio and be proactive and not reactive to the current market conditions then maybe they dont derserve to be in business

    Estate agents are a valuable tool, we act as marketers and developers will never be able to provide the services that estate agents can offer

    as a suggestion maybe you ahould send examples of what has been sold here in the uk, following fresh show home furniture, national and local advertising and open weekend launches. This way perhaps it will remind those developers that with a little effort and working with the front line sals teams in estate agents then maybe they will start making some money

    good luck with this one!