Friday, May 14, 2010

The Hideaways Club An investment and a holiday

In Sotogrande Spain, Tailor Made estate agents

are appointed to promote and sell shares in a property fund that invests in Luxury Villas around the world. This is an investment in freehold property with the advantage that you can stay in anyone of the stunning locations. Those who bought into The Hideaways club 4 years ago have seen the investment rise in value. A share 4 years ago would have cost just over 170,000 pounds. Now to buy a full share costs over 245,000 so profit despite the recession. The portfolio stands at 26 properties and more are added each year.
For those who are interested there is a fully equipped beautiful villa right here in Sotogrande.

We have been promoting this investment to a number of merchant banks who are under pressure to reduce bonus payments so need to find alternative solutions to renumerate high performers. Why not buy into The Hideaways and offer your high performer 6 weeks in luxury villas in stunning locations , or maybe use the villas for high level meetings between directors. For the bank this renumeration to staff can be shown as an assett investment.

This form of investment works well for those who dont want to have the hassle of maintaining a property abroad or who do not like to holiday in the same place. If 6 weeks is not enough you can add additional weeks by buying more weeks.

If you need to sell then the administrators are obliged contractually to sell 1 second hand share for every 2 new shares sold. To date none of the 150 members have asked to sell their share which is a testimonial in itself.

see pictures of the houses click on this link

call francis 0034 956790320 to discuss further or we can send you a pack with all the information email

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