Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spanish property problems and disputes

Land grab, un-licensed buildings and illegal developments continue to grab the UK press headlines when the subject of Spanish property arises. It is right that the press should focus on these issues and support the poor people that have been subjected to such unfair positions legally or illegally.

It is a shame that in many of the programmes made that the press do not comment on ways to avoid getting into such situations. For many such issues a good independant lawyer is the key. Many make the mistake of not seeking an independant lawyer and use the developers lawyer often rushing things through missing out on the correct due diligence. In Spain there are 1000´s of established developments where the paperwork is in order and where you know the dreadful landgrab law cannot be excersised. We have just seen a couple arrive here in Sotogrande having been told by a lawyer we recommended that the apartment they were buying had not been signed off by the local authority. The lawyer told them to walk away.

Its a shame that the press portray the bad side of Spains property market feature landgrab issues then switch and talk about a good property story without explaining that they have moved to a province where landgrab isnt possible. I bet there arent any Spanish lawyers who have bought property without proper planning in place or that are suffering landgrab

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