Thursday, February 25, 2010

San Roque golf resort Spain in good shape

Recently looked on tripadvisor to checkout what reviews there were for my favourite golf course the San Roque golf club (the one i joined when moving to Sotogrande). To my horror there was a 2 very good reviews and one, the most recent described it as tatty.

Looking at the dates for the review it was dated February 2010. I can only assume that the peron who wrote the review was not aware that virtually all the costa del golf had been subjected to 2 months of torrential rain and storms with serious flooding and property damage across the region. The majority of courses were closed and many suffered serious flood damage.The course was definately water logged and heavy machinery could not be used a lot of the time. San Roque during 2009 was in the best condition it has been for many years a credit to Rob the green keeper who arrived 2 years ago and whose hard work experience and professional commitment has paid off.

Turn the clock back just over 3 years ago and San Roque golf could be described as "a little neglected" but with a new management team and a structured approach to improving including a better water management system resulted in San Roque returning to its former glory if not better.

The bunkers are next on the hit list and whilst there is no immediate plan to overhaul them I know the management are keen to get them sorted out.

The new course is also a gem but what i would say is, this is the course to play in the wet weather. There possibly isnt a course in Southern Spain that drains so well as the new course. If you come to play golf in Spain and it rains then you have a better chance of getting a game in San Roque new course than any other. A good tip and Something worth knowing for those booking winter sun golf as it opens when many championship courses have closed.

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