Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vendors Selling in Spain. Is your Property being noticed ?

Are you serious about selling your Spanish property
The first thing that draws a property seekers eye is the photograph. So make sure the picture is worthy
Many agents in Spain are bad photographers and many upmarket properties are too secluded to be able to take a very good eye catching picture. However if you are a buyer scanning building after building on the internet property portals the eye catching element of building after building soon gets lost and poor pictures of secluded homes get ignored. People looking to buy a house or apartment are drawn to a nicely maintained eye catching design, but just as important is the surrounding area. What does the house look onto or back onto. If you as a seller bought your house because of its location and paid for the privilege of the location then it is important to showcase the position of the property. If you can capture in one picture the house the location and the surrounding scene then it will draw the eye of the discerning property buyer. Here is an example of what can be achieved click here to see this Sotogrande Golf & Sea View Home In todays hard fought Spanish property market if you need to sell your property you have to be a step ahead of the competition. Its common sense that eye catching photographs are the key first stage of attracting purchasers. The importance is to initially draw people to the area after all there are hundreds of locations and communities along the Costa del Sol. If you are to market a property in a great location then you must capture in one picture the property and the essence of where the property sits.
People who are close to the sea with a sea view can now have a photograph of their home encompassing the surrounding area, beach, countryside,river, golf course or forest can be shown nearby. Now with new technology even a house surrounded by trees can be pictured with the golf course in view.
Tailor Made estate agents know that the right photograph on international property portal such as Rightmove Overseas will increase traffic to your featured property tenfold. Yes there maybe several agents showing a picture of your house and it shows up in search to a handful of people each day. The same people searching will be seeing 30 homes in 10 different locations within 10 miles of you. However if your house is say .5km from the 3rd best golf course in Spain and its is photographed with the same golf course behind it and the sea beyond, then those searching will say 'that's the style of house I love and look I can see that fantastic golf course very close by and the Mediterranean also very near'. Now that is an impact no one can argue with.
Many Estate Agents are old school and shy away from Technology. However they are nice guys you have known them a long time and maybe they even sold you the property years ago so despite their lack of ingenuity you have instructed them to sell your property anyway. Nothing wrong with that although when choosing more agents make sure the agency brings something new to the table beyond simply having a website and being based in your location. So how can Tailor Made estate agency provide you with a photograph or even a video that will encompass the home the grounds and the attractions surrounding the property. The answer is simple and summed up in this photograph
This is how we are showcasing vendors homes far better than our competitors.
This week we have arranged pictures for vendors in Marbella, Algeciras, San Roque golf, and San Pedro de Alcantara have also provided other agents out of our area with photographs for their own use.
If you want to improve your chances of selling then show off your property properly and we can organize some wonderful visuals.
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