Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spanish Agents - Estate Agents you gotta hate them or just go in prepared

or should that be
12 things to avoid when property hunting in Sotogrande Spain
(Applies to Spain generally)
• The agent whose website has 100’s property most of which are no longer on the market
• Estate Agents that show you lots of property you are not interested in
• Estate Agents who forget you are even coming
• Estate Agents that still show Illegal property
• Estate Agents that show you blighted property
• The bankrupt Estate Agent that’s desperate and very pushy
• The part time have a go Estate Agent that does not know the market
• People who claim to be experienced property agents who are not
• Estate Agents who work out of a car & have no base
• Estate Agents who book you too many appointments simply to stop you going elsewhere
• The notorious dodgy Estate Agents there are plenty in Spain
• The estate agent that when you arrive does not speak your language
This list may sound silly but 70% of people who come to Spain to look at property will run into problems due to one of the above or even several of the above. So often client’s looking at property on websites arrive here expecting to see 20 homes and find out that most of the website are old listings.
Why Our Bespoke Service will save you time and money
As an agency Tailor Made source property based on your exacting requirements . You tell us what you want or send web-links of property you like. Tailor Made offer our clients a finding service at no cost to you the buyer.
Tailor Made estates will source your requirements directly from good local Agents and evaluate each property with you long before you arrive to view.
When you do arrive we will chauffeur you to meet each estate agent at each property and after the viewings a coffee to discuss what we have seen and consider values.
Our clients then receive the benefit of our specialist negotiating skills in order to buy property at the price you want to pay that is not way over the going rate.Think about it if you went direct to an agent that agent is being paid by and is working for the owner
To start the process put us to the Test
We ask you to find a property in or around Sotogrande and send us the link and we will provide our evaluation and response
Let just recap - By instructing Tailor Made estate agents you will arrive in Spain be collected by us on the day of viewings and only shown property that you are interested in seeing,working to a schedule of timed appointments and dealing with good agents.
Easy reliable and efficient use of your time and it will not cost you a penny.
Finally at the end of your inspections you have someone to analyze what you have seen and an agent that will work hard to negotiate the best price.
At Tailor Made estates we speak English & Spanish and have good connections through family and personal experience of local golf, International School,Boating,Tennis as well as other family hoobies and sports
Tailor Made estates Sotogrande www.tailormadesotogrande.com
Tailor Made estate agents . Office in UK www.tmea.biz

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