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A lifestyle move to a special place and a Villa in Millionaires row fronting golf course and views of Mediterranean

Millionaires row high on the hill overlooking Sotogrande, Spain for an idyllic family lifestyle
The ultimate location with a view in Sotogrande Spain. Sotogrande is a millionaires enclave and one of Europes largest private residential gated communities where well heeled Spaniards and European expats enjoy life in the sun with all the sporting pursuits one would expect couple with some stunning real estate.
The stunning home pictured enjoys a wonderful elevated position with views directly over Almenara golf and the famous San Roque golf resort and beyond to the meditteranean sea with beach a 10 minutes drive away. Houses in this street start at 8000 sq ft and there are several built at 15000 sq ft and another currently under construction indicated at 20,000 sq ft
The beautiful villa featured was completed within the last 5 years to a very high specification and incorporates the best of modern finishes.This Sotogrande property is a grand design set inside beautifully landscaped grounds enjoying southerly views fronting a beautiful golf course.
to find out more about this stunning home click on the link Villa Sotogrande.
Sotogrande resort unlike Marbella has been carefully planned offering low rise developments and luxury homes on landscaped grounds along palm tree lined avenues where you are never far from nature yet safe within a security patrolled gated community
Calle Granada is the premier street of Sotogrande Alto and this part of Sotogrande attracts people who love to wake up to the best of views so this street its panoramic.
So what does it mean to bring your family to Sotogrande. Well Sotogrande will provide your children with a lifestyle like no other.The Sotogrande International school is warm friendly and welcoming and kids soon integrate and in no time at all will be looking to pursue similar interests as their friends in this very safe environment. From my own experience my children have enjoyed golf, tennis, horse riding, sailing and particularly dance.As one off activities in summer or winter camps within the estate they have tried children's polo fun, kayaking on the river, padel boarding at the beach and many kids surf. As parents in Sotogrande its good to know that wherever the kids go they are never far from recognizing people they know and so often in my daily travels people stop me to say they spotted my daughter on the beach at the port and this in itself has given us a lot of reassurance. Sotogrande is a community and parents will soon find themselves adapting and attending fitness classes, gymnasiums, tennis clubs, golf clubs, book clubs, cycling groups at all levels. Back in UK my wife was not a sports person and despite being here 7 years still isn't but does attend sport on a social basis as well as joining the odd gymn class and playing padel tennis once a week for fun and making new friends as new people arrive in the area and join in the fun.I myself love the sports here and am a member at the San Roque golf club I also love playing padel tennis and normally aim to play in the open mixings 3 nights a week. I occasionally try the odd cycling trip through beautiful Andalusian country and forests that surround Sotogrande. Fishing is another favorite hobby and I have even caught several good sized Tuna over the years its fun to be out on the water particularly when the dolphins are about. Our teenager is of course a worry aren't they all but at the end of the day this place is reasonably safe and kids love hanging out at the late night beach bar or in the local village out door disco. At least you know there are lots of friends around at all times. Occasionally they worry us more with the odd trip to Marbella but its 45 minutes drive and these night out are not frequent.Our lives here have changed from the UK where the day ended at 7pm wife watching TV kids home and bed by 9.30. Socially I would go for a curry with mates on a Thursday night, maybe out with wife Saturday and a Sunday roast with friends after Sunday morning golf. Now a typical work day for me in the summer means the Sotogrande Port at 9am coffee with friends {and theres always a few there} until Tailor Made estate agents office opens at 10am I will work until 2pm take 30 minutes for tapas and a drink then if I have no viewings i head home 4pm to enjoy pool fun with my youngest. My youngest depending how she feels may come with me to padel tennis at 6pm where she meets other kids and I get strenuos excercise until 8pm promptly followed by a cold beer.
Once home I may fire up the BBQ and sit out on the terrace chatting with the wife for an hour. Alternatively during the week if not busy I often get to play twilight golf and there are 6 courses within 5 minutes drive. On a weekend I aim for a golf game in the weekend competition. On Sunday mornings there is open play padel tennis and normally the day continues with lunch at the beach or up in the mountains. What about the wife I hear you say, well the wife here in Spain is a lot more chilled these days it comes with the more relaxed lifestyle. For my wife she keeps herself entertained coffees,lunch, beach club, shopping in Marbella some social sport and getting involved as a helper in the numerous community social charity events. Living here you also get a lot of invites for dinners BBQs and family day sporting events.For instance for us there are various family fun days at the Octogano tennis club. I know from being here 7 years that there are wives who have never been sporty and are now total fitness fanatics with Piloxing Yoga Pilates Zumba running club and a lot into equestrian pursuits. Of course it wouldn't be Sotogrande without a few family trips to the Polo and the Santa Maria Polo club is an excellent centre to pass a few hours sipping Pimms shopping in the various stalls and sitting out in the sun watching skilled horsemen thundering past. For our family we have a wonderful social life with a large circle of friends and sometimes we feel there is simply too much going on week to week. Of course if you are not into a lot of activity it is the best place to grab a book and lay be the Pool or chill at at one of the several beach chiringitos or the luxury beach clubs. Marbella wasnt for us it was simply too built up and the roads were chaotic not to mention the seedy side of Banus too close for comfort when bringing up teenagers. In Sotogrande we are away from the madding crowd but with the added benefit if we need a small piece of England Gibraltar is 25 minutes away. My parents live in Northern Spain and regularly visit us. When they arrive one of my dads first trips is to Gibraltar and Morrisons he wants his Branston Pickle, Birds Custard and a Christmas pudding.
We believe that Sotogrande is a family and community lifestyle like no other place in Spain. Moving abroad is about integrating and improving your life and I believe Sotogrande offers all the options towards such a goal
. Driving through the estate several times may give you the impression that its a little sleepy. You will not get to know Sotogrande by a drive through there are places that you will not find there are restaurants in stunning locations you will not see unless you know a local who can show you. The main thing is that you Visit us and get expert advice
As you can see I am very enthusiastic about Sotogrande Spain even after 7 years I still wake up for work feeling like I am on Holiday. I am happy to share my experiences as a family man moving to Spain and settling. I always thought it may have been my wife who would not settle but she loves it here and we call it home. Its important before buying or renting a home and moving over that you establish what this community has to offer and how it may benefit your own life and I am happy to meet for a coffee and chat before even discussing property in Sotogrande.
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