Thursday, October 18, 2012

The joys of Spains beauracracy

Living in Spain: I was pulled over by the Guardia Civil and asked to produce paperwork for the car. While they were checking details I produced my passport and was asked if I was living in Spain permanantly and I confirmed i had been here 5 years.
The Police man then asked me to provide my residency papers. To which I explained I had no applied yet. I was informed that because I had lived in Spain for more than 6 months I was obliged to obtain residency.
Being a good citizen we today attended the police station with proof of income, private health insurance for the family,proof of school for the kids,bank statements. We took everything to prove that we were no burden to the Spanish state.
The lady behind the desk began to look through the paperwork and then on perusing our Family private health insurance she began to shake her head. "I am sorry Mr Payne but your wifes application for residency is refused as her private medical insurance excludes a particular minor illness" In Spain we cannot accept residency unless your private insurance covers everything the state insurance covers
So to sum it up if you are a UK citizen you can live in Spain but if you have lived in Spain for more than 6 months you must (its obligatory) obtain residency but to obatin residency you cannot be excluded from any illness on your Private health insurance. So if my wife has been refused but as an EU citizen can still live here WHY should anyone bother to apply for residency.Apparently La Linea Policia Nacional office are saying the health insurance ruling started in last 2 months passed by Spanish law.
Anyone else had similar issue or looked into it further. I would be interested to hear from you

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