Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something for Teenagers Sotogrande

Lifestyle in Sotogrande Spain is wonderful. Our children are relatively safe walking the streets and hanging out on the estate. After all we have security guards on the gates and more often than not people recognize and watch out for the kids. Yes Sotogrande has a lot to offer but cut to the chase Sotogrande establishment provides no amenities or facilities for teenagers.

Would it not be a bad idea for the establishment to donate the old sales offices as you enter the port (next to the main sales office) and provide a couple pool tables maybe a table tennis table. After all they are forced to leave their mopeds in this area which is a good thing so to have a meeting place would be great. Security guards are normall around to keep an eye on things

If we were living in San Roque town the teenagers there enjoy youth clubs, access to affordable public swimming pools and places to meet and be active at sensible prices. Tennis court for 4 kids here in Sotogrande 16 euros yet council run tennis centre in San Roque for under 18s only 8 euros by subsidy.

So why shouldnt we expect similar provisions from a Company in charge of running this lifestyle estate. The teenagers should have a lifestyle outside of school and Sotogrande should provide it.

It amazes me that with 50% of the school english and the majority attending the school english speaking that the cine de verano (summer cinema) is mostly in Spanish. English speaking kids go there pay then get bored and wander off. Maybe the beach club out of use for most of the year could double up in winter as an indoor cinema. How much a projector and screen 30 or 40 kids paying 3 or 4 euros each would soon cover the cost

Also seems that the idea of a childrens swing park has faded away as well a great spot would be where that prefabricated sales office building is at the end of Blue Sotogrande (used to be a sales centre).

Such Lifestyle estates should offer the full package . On my last trip to USA we stayed at just such an estate in Florida called "Celebration" the facilities inside the estate were amazing and inexpensive for teenagers

A good example of how private estates are run in Spain as compared to those being run by a local authority council is that in the villages around the Sotogrande estate the residents enjoy bronze statues on their roundabouts. Sotogrande gets a plant or two.

Its not all complaints as the estate is beautifully maintained and presented and it is a great place to live. Having said that the impetus to go beyond what there is already seems to have come to an end. Surely there is room to improve further and provide something for everyone. Sotogrande is promoted as a great place for families and in the main it is but where is the progression.

When kids have no where else to meet up other than the car park at pan y agua or la loma or hanging about the port we should be concerned. Although it is relatively safe it is HANGING AROUND

There is a great bunch of kids living here and the community and estate managers should provide a plan for the future that provides that little bit extra for them.


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